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Kate prides herself on the standard of her canine facilites. Not simply a dog kennel, the large dog complex consists of 14 dog bedrooms, very large runs and an equipment room in a spacious, shady bush environment. The complex is right beside the house so dogs are close, not far away.

The dogs have things for dogs to do, sticks to chew, toys to play with, trees to pee on, are allowed to dig holes and have plenty of room to run around. A radio runs 24 hrs a day.

Kate only feeds good quality dog food as the food effects the dogs behaviour and overall health. Owners are welcome to bring their own food if they wish, for instance if the dog is on a special diet.

The kennel complex is so pleasant in appearance, it is often initially mistaken for the 'main residence' of the humans!

Kennel access doors are rigged with cabling, so dogs who are taught not to be handled by other people or are bait-proofed can be boarded without disruption to any previoustraining.

Agressive dogs are no problem as they can be sent into a run, kennel is serviced, food and water is changed, then dog is let back in.

See example left of a typical kennel run.Every kennel has their own large run.

Cost for boarding is $33 per day, payable in advance. Dogs must be fully vaccinated, wormed and have flea and tick prevention.If the dogs need medicating an extra charge of $3 per day applies.

At Christmas time and School holidays you will need to book well in advance.
At other times there are usually vacancies available but we appreciate some prior notice.
Kennel hours are 8 am until dark. Mon - Sat. Closed on Sundays.

These are specially erected kennels for small pet dogs, situated in the back yard very close to the house so little dogs feel at home and safe. These kennels have insulated roofing, concrete floors and earth runs covered with straw.

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