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Are you looking for a guard dog for sale in Queensland? At any given time, Animal Education has several dogs available for sale. These are mainly adults (4 years and under), with some slightly older dogs and sometimes puppies. Mostly these are dogs for guard and protection work suitable for a family home or a security dog, and some softer companion dogs are also available. Levels of training vary and can be suited to the client's requirements.

Many are dogs that stay in Queensland but we have also supplied all states in Australia and we have also sent a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd to Brunei.

Breeds available are generally Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Malanois, Dutch Shepherds, various types of Mastiffs and occasionally working type cross-breeds, with both male and female included. Dog prices are based on the training level, as well as the dog. As the amount of training the dog recieves increases, so does the cost, so if you see a dog's price go up, you know it has progressed well in its training. Some dogs we buy to train, and many dogs are surrendered to us to re-train and re-home more as a service to the dog itself. If you have a dog in this category that needs a new home, please contact us.


All dogs sold by Animal Education subject to approval of client and facilities, which must be an enclosed yard with a dog-proof fence. Sale of Protection Dogs subject to handler attending training lessons at Animal Education prior to release of dog.

When deciding to purchase a dog or puppy from us, please consider thoroughly before placing a deposit, as deposits are non refundable, however we are happy to transfer that deposit to the purchase of a different dog, if a clients preferences change. This is to discourage people who buy on a whim. So dont rush, think carefully. We only want our dogs to go to "forever homes."

Kate always considers herself responsible for the well being of all dogs that are sold by ANIMAL EDUCATION, so dogs must be returned to Animal Education if the owners circumstances change or become unsuitable. A pro rata refund calculated on dogs working age of 5 years, is given, with prior training costs provided deducted, and/or re-training costs to bring dog back to its original standard, plus vaccinations must be up to date and health must be good, no fleas or worms. Health and vet costs will also be deducted. An agreement may be made for another person such as a relative or close friend, that the dog already knows well, to take over ownership of the dog if they attend suitable training appropriate for the dogs standard, or already have this training if it is a puppy. The main thing is it has a good home, not to be resold with prior approval by myself.

HINT !!! How to check real bobtail Rottweilers.

If you want to confirm a Rottweiler is a real bobtail, this is how to do it.
Have a close look at the stump of the dogs tail. This can be no tail or a few vertebrae. Seperate the hair at the very end of the tail's stump. If the hair grows all over the end, this is a real bobtail Rotty. If there is a small bald spot on the end, this is scar tissue from the surgery where the tail was cut off.
Bobtails can be no tail at all, or a short tail comprising of a few vertebrae.
Also please note, in Queensland it is illegal to dock tails, incurring a $60,000 fine for a company, or $25,000 fine for an individual.
If you have a docked Rotty, it is probably over 8 years old, or is from interstate.

We do regularly have bobtails for sale, however, there is a waiting list. So if you want a bobtail, please feel welcome to inquire and we can let you know when our next litter are due.



DOB 21 March 2018. 6 mths old.

Working bloodlines from Yugoslavia, Hungary and Serbia. No papers but pedigrees of both parents are in my records. Father is here to meet, and mother, plus great uncle.

This boy is very active and healthy. He is raised in my house for maximum socialisation, along with my house pack of ten-ish GS and Rotties, plus 2 cats chooks and other farm animals. My house is noisy and busy and he is involved with most of it. He is alert and will bark at something unusual that he doesnt know, and he likes to play and carry.

Mother had hip and elbow xrays before breeding and passed all other health checks well. Father is a papered dog and all his parents records, health and breeding suitability came with him.

This boy ws my pick of the litter and I selected him as the male with the most potential for protection training when mature.

Vet checked, flea treated and wormed, 2 vaccinations and microchipped.


E-mail us about Buckshot.


Young Bobtail Female

DOB 21 March 2018. 6 mths old. DSX Sister to Buck.

Working bloodlines from Yugoslavia, Hungary and Serbia. No papers but purebred and pedigree is available. Father and mother are here to meet, plus great uncle.

Diamond is a happy girl, fit and healthy but she does have an overbite. She is raised in my house for maximum socializing, along with my large house pack, plus 2 cats chooks and livestock. She is good on the lead and has basic obdience. House training is good and also car travel.

Diamond is very alert and already is a good watch dog. She is going to be a big girl, weighing at 26.4 kg last week at the vet.

Mother had hip and elbow xrays before breeding and passed the vet check well. Father is a papered dog and all his parents records, health and breeding suitability came with him.

Vet checked, flea treated and wormed, 2 vaccinations and microchipped.


E-mail us about Buckshot.


Dutch Shepherd.

DOB 27 Dec 2016. Female brindle.

Morgan is a little working dog. She is very affectionate and will ask to come up on your lap for a snooze but if the sleeve is brought out, she is up and out like a flash. As a pup she competed strongly with the others for prime position on the tug and would jump over 5 ft in the air to bite.Morgan has moved down to the kennels and is now learning defence and suspicion work. She is coming along well and will now bite the full coat.

Morgan is vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped and desexed.E-mail us about Morgan.



D.O.B. 12 Feb 2012.

6 yrs old. Very fit and healthy with a strong temperament. Will be DSX.

Purebred with papers. Working bloodlines with plenty of SchH3 and IPO on both sides. His character reflects this. He is one tough boy. Diesel is very hard, but also smart and affectionate and would be a good dog to have for serious protection.

Diesel was raised with a family with children and cats, but he came to me as he became too strong for them. I dont think he would be good with small dogs. He loves to play fetch and is obedient. He does not like to be bossed around but he will use his thinking brain then will problem solve to get what he wants.

He has started some protection training and has formidable natural defence, so I have been teaching him to calm down and follow direction during agitation. He is very alert at night to unknown things and has a great deep, scary bark.

Diesel is vaccinated, flea treated, wormed and microchipped. Only to good, permanent home with fenced yard.


E-mail us about Diesel.



3 yrs old. DSX. Purebred, no papers. Vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked. She has had hip and elbow xrays and results were great. Vet still has these on record. She loves the car and is good with travel.

She is an alert watch dog, is fit and healthy, very affectionate and has a sweet nature.

Pepper has started some basic protection lessons and is doing ok. She would suit someone who wants a really good watch dog, but she isnt a strong biter.


E-mail us about Pepper.


4yo. DOB 25.6.14

Halo is a working bloodline shepherd. She is a good size and is fit and healthy. He has a good temperament and is affectionate. She is a energetic dog and would suit an active person or family, she loves kids and is good with car travel. Not to sit in the backyard and do nothing. She is DSX, vaccinated and microchipped.

I bred this dog, she is purebred but no papers.

Her lines are from Von Forrell and Von Lotz.

She has a decent bark and is an alert watch dog. Coming along really well with her protection work.


E-mail us about Halo.



4 y old. DSX.

Tosca is a little dynamo and a sweetheart but dont underestimate her. She guards the fence very well, and is serious with her protection, biting the coat with lots of energy.

Tosca was living with the house pack, socializing perfectly with my other dogs and horses. She is also fine with cats and chickens. I have 3 cats and she takes no notice of them. My chickens dont free range but the dogs come in the chook pen when I feed. Her house manners are good, she likes the car and she's very keen to please.

Tosca is affectionate, quiet and very polite. If you want a smaller dog that can go anywhere and is well mannered in public and that provides serious protection, Tosca is it.


To see a video of Tosca working - Click this link.

E-mail us about Tosca.



3 y old. DSX. Black & Tan.

Tilly is from my lines but I didnt breed her. She has American and German blood with World Champ Bodo in her lineage. She found her way to me because her temperament was too strong for her owners. Breeder reccomended she come to me. I like her. She has a strong personality and it took a little while for her to trust us. She is an exceptional area guard and she has done protecion work. She has a great GO button.

Tilly grew up in a family envronment but only liked one kid in the family, disliked small chiildren and other people's children. So only to a home preferably no kids, nut maybe older kids if she likes them.

She is purebred no papers, I can provide a pedigree, microchipped, vaccinated and was just flea treated.

If you want a dog that will bite if someone tries to open your gate, this is the girl.


E-mail us about Tilly.