Animal Education

Other Animal Training

Kate also deals with the behaviour of the more unusual pets and animals in life. Cats and birds are common family members that are reputedly 'un-trainable' - this is not so. In these two cases, pride and flock psychology is used to establish a line of communication.

Cattle also are forced into cooperation where instead, some herd psychology can reduce stress on both stock and owner, whether its educating your milking cow, or mustering your meat cows. This has a follow-on effect of fatter and happier cattle, which bring better prices at the market.


Training of cats can include such simple things as toilet training, or more complex tasks such as leading, or behaviour problems.


Birds are an extremely intelligent animal that people don't give credit to. For example, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is as intelligent as a 7 year old child.

Birds also need a decent environment enriched with things to allow them to exercise their natural behaviours. When not provided with this you may end up with a sick, screaming or biting bird.


Handling of beef cattle and dairy cattle for hobby farms, milking (house cows), for shows and for calm responses and handling.



Kate has her own hive and is a registered beekeeper. She has been collecting her own honey for the past 20 years.


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