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Please be aware when choosing anybody to handle your animals, that there are no standards legally required in Australia for Animal Trainers. So please investigate anybody thoroughly before you allow them access to your animals.

Kate has undergone extensive studies in all areas to gain a wide knowledge of animal behaviour, and regularly continues to do so.

Check out the following list of Kate's qualifications and studies to date:

Animal Behaviour Consultant - Cooloola Shire Council, Qld. 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.
Member - Local & Regional Animal Advisory Committee - Cooloola Shire Council, Qld. 2010, 2011.
  • Dog Training

    1998  February
    Member National Dog Trainer’s Federation
    Member No. A1051.
    Certified as -

    • Obedience Dog Trainer
    • Protection Dog Trainer
    • Law Enforcement Dog Trainer

    Seminars & Further Education

    Canine Psychology
       Understanding Canine Human Interaction. - Credit
    Canine Evaluators of Australia
    The Canine Studies Institute Canberra.

    1998  July 25 - 30
    5 days with Internationally Renowned Schutzhund Coach,
    Trainer of winning teams of DVG American Nationals &
    German DVG Meistershaft.
    Gottfried Dildei
    Obedience, Tracking and Protection.
    Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, Nundah.

    1999  August 14 - 16
    3 days with International Schutzhund Trainer Armin Winkler
    Obedience, Tracking and Protection.
    Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, Nundah.

    2000  August 5 - 7
    2000 American Working Dog Federation SCH III Champion,
    Three time member of USA World Schutzhund Team.
    Ivan Balabanov
    3 Day Workshop in
    Schutzhund Obedience, Tracking & Protection.
    Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, Nundah.

    2001  June 23 - 24
    This man established the Los Angeles Police K-9 Unit in 1980 and trained in excess of 1500 dogs during his 27 career as Cheif Canine Trainer of LAPD.
    Judge of USPCA Police dog trials, International Meisterschaft and World Police Servcie Dog Championships.
    Sgt II Donn Yarnall
    Service Dog Seminar
    “Modern Dog Training Techniques”
    Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, Nundah.

    2001  October 13 - 15  ,3 days
    Research Fellow in Military working Dog Studies
    US Military Working Dog Veterinary Service,
    Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.
    I was introduced to Stewart in Queensland before this seminar and was asked to film this for him, which I did, whilst at seminar in Melbourne.

    Dr Stewart Hilliard Ph.D.
    Service Dog Training Seminar
    Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Training.
    How Dogs Learn - Psychology of Behaviour - Operant & Classical Conditioning.
    International Canine Events,
    Endeavour Hills, Melbourne, Vic.

    2001  October 18 - 19
    Dr Stewart Hilliard Ph.D.
    S.E. Qld Council Dog Catcher Seminar.
    Controlling Aggressive Dogs.
    I was honoured to be a guest of Dr Hilliard at this seminar.
    Pine Rivers Shire, Brisbane, Qld.

    2002  June 14 -16  3 days.
    Winner Canadian Championship Schutzhund Trophy for 11 consecutive years.
    Multiple World Championship Competitor.
    Lance Collins.
    Schutzhund Mastery Seminar
    International Canine Events.
    Brisbane, Queensland.

    2005  29 April - 2 May.  4 days.
    Founder of OG-Pahlen Schutzhund Club, Albersdorf, Germany.
    Police Dog Training Director.
    Competitor in world sporting dog competitions such as Bundessiegerprufung, WUSV, FCI and VDH Championships.

    Bernard Flinks.
    Schutzhund & Service Dog Seminar
    Gold Coast Sporting Dog Club
    Nerang, Qld.

    2011  June 12  1 day.
    Chairman of RSV 2000.
    Promoter of old style Grey German Shepherd dog & International Schutzhund Judge.
    Peter Diederkeit
    Schutzhund Workshop
    Gold Coast Sporting Dog Club.
    Nerang, Queensland.
    Jess Peter D & Kate

  • Horse Training

    1970 & 1971  One year Keilor Pony Club, Victoria
    One year Tullamarine Pony Club, Victoria
    With my own 7 y.o. 14 h.h. grey pony, Boofa.
    Pony Club Badge  Kate8Boofa

    1996 & 1997  Two day clinics, each with Tony Jablonski
    Young horse and Trick Training Clinics
    Horsemaster of Aussie Outback Spectacular,
    Gold Coast, Queensland.
    First at Canungra, second at Brisbane. First with Mango unridden.

    1998  28 Feb - 1 March.   2 days.
    Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic
    Level One
    Mt Gravatt Pony Club,
    Brisbane, Qld.
    I attended this as rider with my horse, Mango.

    1998  June 13 - 14.   2 days
    Parelli Natural Horsemanship
    Seconary Clinic
    Pine Lodge Equestrian Center
    Thornlands, Brisbane, Queensland.
    Attended as rider with my horse Mango.

    1998  November 15
    Personal Demonstration by Pat Parelli
    Parelli Savvy Day.
    Pine Lodge Equestrian Center
    Brisbane, Queensland.
    Parelli Handshake
    1998  November 25
    Private Tuition
    Merv Kildey
    Kenilworth, Queensland.
    Attended with my horse Mango.
    What a lovely man, now sadly passed away.

    1999  September 25 - 26.   2 days
    Advanced Pat Parelli Seminar
    Ken Faulkner
    Hervey Bay Equestrian Center Queensland
    Attended as rider with my horse, Mango.

    2000  January 21
    Personal Demonstration

    “The Horse Wisperer”
    Monty Roberts
    Brisbane Entertainment Center

    2001  January 20
    Personal Demonstration

    “The Horse Wisperer”
    Monty Roberts
    Brisbane Entertainment Center

    2001  November 21
    Personal Demonstration

    John Lyons Clinic
    Equitana Melbourne
    Exhibition Buildings.
    Melbourne, Victoria.

    2002  January 26
    Personal Demonstration
    Australian Natural Horsemanship
    Steve Brady
    Pine Lodge Equestrian Center
    Brisbane, Queensland

    2002  July 21
    Heavy Horse Field Day
    Dagun, Queensland.

    2003  March 22
    Andalusian, Lippazaner & Friesian Stallion Show.
    “Dancing Horses”
    Brisbane Entertainment Center

    2006  February 11 - 13.   3 days
    Steve Brady
    Australian Natural Horsemanship
    Spring Mountain Pony Club
    Greenbank, Brisbane
    Attended this as rider, with my horse Mango,
    GS x bitch Jet, and daughter Jessica.
    Steve Brady
    2007  January 27 - 28.   2 days
    Steve Brady
    Australian Natural Horsemanship
    Maryborough Showgrounds
    Attended this with 2 horses, my Appy Mango, and my Daughter’s Friesian x mare, Belle. I rode Belle in the beginner’s class as she’s a little green and Mango in the advanced class. Also Jessica and my black GS x Jet for security.
    2009  January 18.   1 day
    Debbie Decker
    Andalusian & Friesian Show Training Day
    Maryborough Showgrounds
    Attended this with my Daughter Jess and her Friesian Warmblood mare, Belle. Jess and I both worked Belle in the led, the long line and the ridden. Also my black GS x Jet as company and vehicle security.

  • Bird Training

    1998  July 17
    Parrot Lecture
    Terry Aitkinson
    Dept Primary Industries

    1999  March 7
    Large Bird Aviary Tour
    Parrot Society
    Brisbane, Queensland.

    1999  March 14
    Bird Workshop
    Cooloola Wildlife Carers

    2000  March 12
    Bird Tour
    Currumbin Sanctury
    Gold Coast

    2000  October 22
    “Parrots 2000”
    Parrot Society Convention.
    International speakers.

    2001  May 26
    Parrot Society Aviary Tour
    Bundaberg, Queensland.

    2002July 27 - 28
    Parrot Society,

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